Our Team

Ken Jordan | Owner

“What made me want to start up my own shop was the ability to have complete creative control and freedom over the build process.  My favorite part of the build process would have to be reassembling the cars after they have been painted.  The skill I would have to say is my most specialized, is orchestrating the whole process.”  -Ken 

Jennifer Jordan | Owner

“I met Ken while working in a collision shop, so I definetly married into it.  One of my favorite things to do at the shop is connect with our employees.  The skill that I specilaize in is accoounting.”  -Jen 

Assistant Painter

“Me and my dad used to go to the Eugene Roadster Shows which inspired me at a young age.  My favorite part of the job is making works of art, and laughing.  My most specialized skill would have to be my attention to detail as well as my dedicatation to learning new skills.” – Dayton

Head Painter

“Working on cars with my dad really got me into the trade. My favorite part is when the paint gun is dropped! It’s the best to finish a paint job after seeing all of the energy that was put into it.  My best skill is breaking all the tasks of a job down into a series of steps to achieve the builds full potential.” – Jake 

Head Fabricator

“When I was young, I built all kinds of things with my dad which got me really into cars.  My favorite thing to do at the shop is getting to cut out a firewall and start the rebuild process of reshaping and customizing, and my most specialized skill woould have to be my attention to detail and ability to read a car’s flaws and know to rework and perfect them”  – Jacob

Head Technician

“I used to take apart hot wheels when I was really young, so I pretty much have alwasy loved cars.  My favorite part of the build process is definitely building the relationships with our customers, and of course the test drives.  Besides my ability to make people laugh, my most specialized skill would be problem solving.” – Joe 

Assistant Painter

“The reason I got into cars is super easy, it sounded like fun.  The best part of the job for me is when I get to paint.  My most specialized skill is my attention to small, fine details and masking.” – Taylor 

Assistant Painter/Head Detailer

“I have been into cars my whole life, my dad always had trucks that were painted and looking nice.  My favorite thing that I enjoy at the paint shop is masking.   One skill that I’m really good at is rebuilding wheels!”

– Fernando