Full Classic and Modern Custom Car Restorations and Custom Builds – We’ve received cars in boxes or as abandoned projects. We can take your dream car from whatever state it’s in right now and make it into the car of your dreams. Our 7,500-square-foot classic car paint and body shop in Jasper, Oregon, meets the highest standards in quality car repair and paint work. All of our talented auto body repair professionals are hand-selected for their experience and skill. Our workspace is filled with every necessary piece of equipment including a custom-built frame rotisserie, pickup bed rotisserie, and chassis rotisserie to access all parts of your vehicle.

Interior Stock and Custom – High quality original car upholstery and replacement carpet that is correctly molded to the vehicle floor pan

Custom Painting and Polishing – We utilize a state-of-the-art Glasurit paint mixing system that can match any color in Glasurit’s spectrum.

Ceramakote – Ceramakote for cars is a clear protective polymer ceramic coating that provides protection and shine and gloss. The coating lasts for three years and provides the highest level of protection for your car’s paint, protection from bugs and tar, and some scratch resistance.

Sheet Metal Sales and Installation – Quality sheet metal panels for rust repair for collision damage. We source sheet metal from one location for many makes and models. We get good quality, consistently good parts.

Custom Metal Fabrication – Our auto restoration fabrication area features English wheel, planishing hammer, shrinkers and stretchers, band saw, press brake, shear, slip rolls, chop saw, panel beater bags with forming hammers, bead rollers, mig welder, tig welder, spot welder, plasma cutter, and a myriad of other metal forming tools for every aspect of classic car restoration.

Paint and Rust Removal – Dipping a car to remove paint and rust saves a lot of labor and reduces the costs of seeing what’s under the old paint. Removing old paint and rust is the first step to getting a solid foundation for a quality rebuild. We carefully handle your car, and simply put, there’s no better way to start the car restoration process.

Powertrain Upgrades and Restoration – We service General Motors LS, late model Chrysler hemis, and Ford Coyote conversions. We also provide original restorations.

Stainless and Chrome Restoration – Quality restoration of aluminum, chrome, and stainless steel parts.

Suspension Upgrades – We are a vendor specializing in Wilwood Brakes, Baer Brakes, Art Morrison Enterprises, SpeedTech Performance, Vintage Air high-performance air conditioning, and Auto Metal Direct.